Winter Sangria Recipes for a Sangria Party!

Who doesn't love a yummy winter sangria recipe? Today is National Sangria Day - and who doesn't want to take the opportunity to celebrate with wine? We thought about throwing a winter sangria making party and inviting you all over to a DIY Sangria Bar - but then we remembered some of you live kind of far.  After we got over our initial disappointment we thought it may be better if we just told you how to throw your OWN winter sangria bar party!

We first got the idea of a DIY Sangria Bar from Kojo Designs.  We love her summery fun party decor and the idea of a light sangria on a warm day is pretty great! But since it's December, and we know many of you are looking for a little warmth in your bellies this winter we thought we'd give you some ideas to heat things up!

Use brandy!

Many winter sangria recipes rely on something more than a light wine - and some of best ones have a base of pomegranate soda (hard to find, sure. If you have a Trader Joe's near you you should have some luck tracking some down) with brandy! The two flavors are a mix of rich and warmth and we think a few glasses of sangria and everyone will be feeling a little toasty! If you're looking for a fantastic recipe - we keep this one from How Sweet Eats bookmarked for quick reference!

Spice things up with cinnamon!

Cinnamon brings a spice that just invites your senses to enjoy the winter weather! This recipe from Hardly Housewives just looks like warmth in a glass! She also showcases anise stars - what a fun play on seasonal flavors!

A base of pom is always yum!

Many of the yummiest winter sangria recipes have a base of pomegranate. Why? Because the rich, full flavor of pom just feels hearty and warm - even when it's served cool! We haven't tried this recipe from Simple Bites (yet) but it's on our list of things to do very soon!


Throwing a party using these recipes will be easier than ordering hor d'oeuvres from your local market! The night before your party mix your main ingredients in pitchers and let them chill in the fridge. Before your party guests arrive put the pitchers out (with labels if you're giving them a few yummy options!) with trays of fruit and spice garnishes.  You can even put out a nice bottle of club soda if they like their sangria a little more sparkling.  If you're going to have a mix of kids and adults giving the kids their own pitcher of sparking grape fruit juice with fruit will make them feel like one of the adults (without feeling how the adults will after a few glasses!)

We hope we've inspired you to throw a Winter Sangria Party! We know we can't wait for the weekend to enjoy some sangria of our own!

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