Why is a PackIt the Best Gift?

  • Lunch Bag: No Batteries.
  • Wine Bag: Costs less than a bottle of champagne (the real stuff).
  • You can buy 10 PackIts for the price of an iphone4S.
  • Costs less than a movie and popcorn.
  • Doesn't make noise.
  • It's reusable...it's the gift that keeps giving. 
  • Fun, Colorful Patterns, Not Boring.
  • It's a thoughtful gift.
  • A personal gift.
  • One-stop shopping: PackIt has something for everyone on your list, from your two-year-old to your boss.
  • In the midst of your holiday shopping, you can relax knowing that you can order from us online. It's easy. 
  • A PackIt weighs less than a fruitcake.
  • It's more original than a tie or a sweater.
  • It's portable.
  • It's easy to wrap.
  • It's just cooler than a brown bag. 
  • Why do you think PackIt is the best gift this holiday season? Email us, and we'll post your reasons, too!
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