Why Daylight Savings Is Cool

Have your productivity and mood suffered with the long days spent
indoors this winter? Has your waistline expanded from the marriage of
holiday eating and the early nightfall that kept you from your evening

Yesterday we turned our clocks forward. The days will grow
longer. Soon they'll be warmer. It will be time to get back outside
after all the time you've spent indoors hiding from the bracing cold.
Daylight savings and the "spring forward" time change is good!

It's well-documented that business environments that provide great
natural light have happier and more productive employees. Harsh
flourescent lighting is simply no match for the mood-boosting benefits
of the sun coming through the windows.

But what if your office feels more like a dark cave than a bright cove?

One easy way to get more natural light in your day is to pack your
lunch at home and hit the park on your lunch hour. Instead of spending
the hour driving to a restaurant, waiting for your food, and then
driving back to the office, which easily wastes your time, not to
mention your gas and your money and piles on extra empty calories
thanks to oversized portions, pack a lunch and spend the extra time
you'll save taking in some sunshine.

Exercise your mind by reading a book or completing a crossword puzzle.
Go for a brisk walk and get your heart rate up a little. Team up with
a friend and toss a frisbee.

The PackIt Collection of Coolers is the perfect partner for achieving your
productivity goals. It will keep your lunch and drinks at the perfect
temperature for up to 10 hours with no need for refrigeration while
you work.

Your mood and health will improve and so will your productivity. Your
wallet will grow fatter from all the money you're saving while your
waistline will shrink. In no time at all, you'll be the envy of the

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