Using Your Personal Cooler In The Winter

Using a cooler in the winter.

During the summer you can come up with a dozen reasons to have a cooler handy. But during the winter it is easy to think that they aren't needed. After all for many people the weather is still frightfully cold. Coolers & freezable lunch bags are useful year round and here are some ways you can continue to use yours when there's a chill in the air.

1. Bringing food to a friend. Cold & flu season is hitting hard and a freezer meal they can just pop in the oven would make you their favorite friend. And don't forget the best "Welcome Home Baby" gifts come in the form of no-fuss casseroles! Now that we have the larger Shop Cooler and Social Cooler, it's easy to pack several meals for a friend in need.
2. Snacks for the toddler while you are running errands. This is a year round reason to keep a personal cooler in the freezer, stocked & ready to go at a moments notice. Toddlers are notoriously hungry (and picky). The Snapware sets are pretty much perfect for some cut fruit or cheeses!
3. BYOB. Bring your own water, tea, cola, or adult bevy to a tail gate or just to someone's house to watch the big game. And the Bottle Service Wine Bags would make your full bottle for the hostess the best she gets.
4. Leftovers. If this isn't the most year round use for a Freezable Personal Cooler I don't know what is! Everyone knows spaghetti tastes better the day after. And if you have office lunch swaps, the Social Cooler would make that spaghetti tasty and stylish.
5. Transporting frozen foods. Just because it's cold doesn't mean that ice cream doesn't get soft sitting in traffic on the way home. Keeping frozen things frozen is the perfect job for the Shop Cooler.

When you have freezable coolers you love, it is easy to find ways to use them all the time!

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