Travel Snacks for Kids!

Are you braving the roads this time of year to head to spend the holidays out of town or with family? Packing travel snacks for kids is probably high on your "Survival Checklist" because every parent knows that a hungry kid makes for a cranky kid.  We want to help you skip the prepackaged sugary snacks with dyes and ingredients you can't pronounce! Here's a list of some healthy snacks to help you all survive hours in the car together!

Whole grain pitas with hummusThe pitas make an great vehicle to get the food in to your mouth! And hummus makes the perfect addition, it's full of Omega 3 fatty acids,  iron, vitamin B6, manganese, copper, folic acid, and amino acids.

Pre sliced apples with individual peanut butter containers - Slice apples ahead of time and soak in orange juice to keep them from getting brown.  Spoon peanut butter (or almond butter!) in to individual containers to make this snack an easy one to pass out! It's protein heavy - and what kid doesn't like scooping their fruit in to a dip or spread?!

Homemade fruit and veggie muffins with milk - We love this recipe to sneak in all kind of healthy things in to these compact muffins! They are perfectly portable and pair great with cold milk!

Greek yogurt with chia seeds and fruit - Three super healthy things in each spoonful! This snack is full of Omega 6 and Omega 6 fatty acids, 2 (or more) servings of protein and calcium! If you're worried about a mess serve the fruit separately and use reusable squeeze pouches like these for the greek yogurt with chia seeds.

Mozzarella and cherry tomatoes -  Fill individual baggies with halved cherry tomatoes and slices of string cheese or cheese rounds! This healthy snack is a great source of protein and calcium, add in pepperoni and tell your kids it's just like crustless pizza!

Freeze dried fruits with nuts - We love Crunchies freeze dried fruits and it is easy to just add in almonds or walnuts for a sweet and salty snack on the go!

These snacks for kids are great for kids of almost all ages! If your kids aren't big on sharing make sure you pack each snack separately for all of your kid - extra points if you label them so no kid feels left out!

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