The Cleverness of Juicing

Juicing.  More people do it than you know.  They juice at home.  They juice on the go.  They let their kids juice.  Juicing is clever, and sneaky, and a smart way to give your body the good things it needs.  Why is it great?  And why aren't you doing it?

As a parent, it is a constant battle to try to get my child to eat a vegetable.  She is smarter than she looks, cover that green veggie with some cheese?  Please, Mom!  I will suck the cheese off and discard of the good for me green thing.  I can't be the only one who has been to battle with a child over eating something that is good for them.

I started juicing recently, and it hit me like a mac truck!  I was putting all this great stuff into my juice, and you couldn't taste the things that maybe weren't always so great tasting.  So why don't I just sneak those things into the juice, and give my child the juice.  And I win, and my victory is really her victory as well!

So what do you need to know about juicing?  And what are some great things to sneak into your kids juice? We will tell you!

The biggest thing to know is you really can't mess it up, the worst thing that could happen is you're out the cost of the fruit & veggies you used and you don't like the juice.  Things like apples will give your juice a brownish look as it sits, so if looks may want to skip the apples if you aren't going to be drinking right away or add some green veggies to conceal the brownish color.

A common juice to sneak in veggies is one with a great fruit base.  Pineapples, strawberries, kiwis and bananas are all a great way to cover the addition of kale, spinach and carrots!  Your kids won't know they are getting vegetables and you can sit there gloating to yourself about outsmarting your little one!

And for you, a morning juice is a great time to start with your daily vegetables, because it will help keep you going until lunch!  If you are juicing to diet or cleanse many juicing diets are simply a base of things like lemon, watermelon, oranges, and pineapple (think light fruits!).  But if you're juicing just to add nutrients, heavier fruits and veggies will give you a filling feeling that will help keep your sugar levels even through the day!

The maximum benefit for juice is when you are able to drink it right away.  But keeping it cold will extend those benefits!  No matter why you're juicing, packing your juice in a PackIt will help keep it cold enough for you to enjoy all day!  Large juice bottles can be kept perfectly cool in our Single Bottle Cooler, where as if you have smaller containers to boost yourself as a snack, the Personal Cooler may be just what you need!  Don't let the time you spend away from the juicer keep you from juicing all day!! Juice It then Pack It.

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