How to Stay Healthy Throughout the Holidays

PackIt is the only bag that keeps healthy alternatives (fruits, veggies, and low-fat dairy) cool up to 10 hours so you never fall prey to temptation. With office parties, holiday gift baskets and the constant reminder of how good a pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks is... we have a few ideas on how to stay healthy throughout the holidays!

1. Take a healthy lunch to work or school.  Even if you aim to eat well before a big event, the average lunch from a restaurant packs more than 1,000 calories (56 percent of the recommended daily caloric intake!), according to a University of Toronto study. Plan ahead by bringing a healthy lunch in the PackIt Freezable Lunch Bag.

2. Watch your portions. Eating a homemade sandwich is great…as long as it’s not one of those foot-long calorie bombs. Use the Freezable Sandwich Bag to keep your turkey-on-wheat fresh and get a handle on portion sizes. If your sandwich doesn’t fit inside, it's too much for one meal!

3. Keep a healthy snack on hand. It's the best way to avoid the ever-present leftovers from your co-workers' holiday cookie swaps. Fruits and veggies are great, but so is low-fat dairy. A study from University of Tennessee at Knoxville shows that getting three or four daily servings of calcium through low-fat dairy products can actually help fuel weight loss. Store string cheese or low-fat yogurt in PackIt’s Freezable Mini Lunch Bag.

4. Stay active. As an incentive to work out, treat yourself to a delicious healthy breakfast or snack afterward in the Freezable Mini Lunch Bag like coconut water and a handful of veggies or raw almonds.

5. Bring healthy treats to parties. Keep your own veggie-packed salad or lighter version of your favorite dessert fresh in PackIt’s Freezable Picnic Bag, which has plenty of room for several side dishes. You can also bring a bottle of flavored sparkling water along with your vino in the Freezable 2x Wine Bag to cut down on liquid calories.

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