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"Highway to the danger zone. Ride into the danger zone."

When Kenny Loggins penned this epic movie soundtrack, he probably wasn't thinking about the temperatures at which foods spoil. It's a good thing someone is thinking it.

When it comes to keeping your perishable foods, like meat and seafood, bacteria-free, research shows that we have two variables to worry about when it comes to the food safety danger zone.

Temperature and time.

In order to keep foods from spoiling, perishable foods should be stored at or below 40 degrees. The temperature range from 40 degrees to 140 degrees is a breeding ground for bacteria.

But temperature isn't the only factor. Studies also show that we have a two hour window of time before foods go from delicious to dangerous.

When our foods are allowed to sit in the 40 to 140 range for two hours or more, the risk of spoiling increases exponentially. After that point, bacteria have colonized past the point of being able to be killed off through normal cooking.

That roast you just bought is on its way to being rancid. Bummer.

Some time spent in the two hour window is unavoidable. Once we make our purchases at the grocery store, we still have to get them home somehow. Trip times vary for everyone based on myriad factors.

What if there's a traffic delay? Or a suddenly remembered errand? Or preschool pickup?

Luckily, the PackIt Shop Cooler has you covered. Bacterial growth slows with refrigeration, but most of us don't have cars equipped with mini-fridges in the glove compartment. With the Shop Cooler, you can keep your perishable foods in the safe temperature range for up to 6 hours thanks to its patented freezable gel technology!

Do you know what else the shop cooler is good for? Ice cream. How many times have you gotten home to find that your ice cream has turned into a melting mess?

With the shop cooler, no more gloppy ice cream! Your mint chocolate chip will still be in "mint" condition when you get it back home! And that's why PackIt is just cooler.

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