Picnics for Picky Eaters

Any meal can be a challenge when you’re trying to please your picky eater – but at least you know that while at home you have back up plans stashed away in the pantry.  But this is the season to get outside and enjoy the sunshine – and sometimes that means you just want to pack up lunch in your PackIt and go head to the park for a picnic.

But the last thing you want to do is pack 10 options for you picky eater hoping that there’s something that will please them.  We are giving you some tips we’ve learned along the way to help pack a picnic even the pickiest of eaters will want to eat!


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Make packing food a group activity. Building off foods your kids consider food staples – make packing a game that will get your picky eater involved. If your tyke is a big fan of ritz crackers give them a cookie cutter of the same size and let them punch out deli meats and cheeses of the same sizes for mini cracker sandwiches. If they need to make food fun in order to even considering eating it, make a song out of meal prep – be as goofy as possible and once you’ve reached your perfect picnic destination you can sing your newly penned song as a reminder of how much fun food it!


Finger foods are an easy picnic win. It’s much easier to slip in healthy options when you can offer an easy spread of fruit and vegetables. Baby carrots, celery sticks, and broccoli heads are easy to take on the go wherever you decide is worthy of your afternoon picnic! Add in cheese cubes and finger sized fruits and you’ll be able to snack your way in to a peaceful picnic.


Don't reinvent the wheel.  You know your wee one better than anyone - if they're not likely to have any part in trying new things in a new setting stick with what they already approve of.  And yes, even if that means cold pasta, strawberries, three slices of bread cut in to triangles and two squeezable yogurts.  While we all want our children to eat well balanced meals at every meal - try to make your picnic outing enjoyable for yourself as well!

No matter where you picnic or what you pack, putting it all in a PackIt Freeazable Bag will keep you happy knowing that it's safe and cool, and your picky eater happy to have things perfectly chilled just for them!

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