PackIt vs The Brown Bag

It’s easy to see why you packing a lunch is the better option over cafeteria food or dining out every day at work. What you may not know is that using a brown paper bag like your parents used way back when is not really all that much better. Using a PackIt Cooler is a much better choice for several reasons.

1. Eco-Friendly

Have you ever tried to re-use a paper bag? You might get two uses out of it.  Sometimes it may not even last a day, potentially ruining your lunch. PackIt Coolers are made from durable, high quality materials that can be used day after day, which is much more environmentally friendly! Bonus? All PackIt products are lead-free, PVC-free, BPA-free are food safe and nontoxic, so they’re good for the environment AND your kids!

2. Affordable

Did you know that over a 30-year career, you can save as much as $100,000 by packing your lunch at home? It’s going to be hard to save that money if you’re buying a new bag every day. Not to mention the costs of ice packs and processed food.

3. Perishable Foods

That processed food we just mentioned? Yeah, it’s full of preservatives, sodium, sugar… should we continue? By taking a PackIt instead of a paper bag, you can include FRESH food, such as salads, fruit, and fresh juice. Your sandwiches won’t be warm and soggy by lunchtime and your greens will still be extra crisp, even if you don’t have access to a fridge!

4. Fashion-Forward

Have you even looked at our new 2014 designs yet? With bright dots, hearts and everyone’s favorite “Ziggy” print, why would you NOT want to take a PackIt over a boring brown bag? Not only are they oh-so-stylish, but your kids will have a harder time leaving them at home or “accidentally” losing them!

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