PackIt to Spring!

Spring is here, and we know everyone is anxious to get moving!  It is time for spring vacations, spring cleaning, playdates at the park, and picnics in the back yard!  We have some ideas on how you can use your PackIt Cooler while out and about this spring season!

Packing for a spring break vacation, or a weekend getaway to the beach?  Packit coolers can make traveling a little easier.  Instead of coolers filled with ice or hard space consuming ice packs, a PackIt Cooler just needs to be unfolded and stuffed full of food and drinks for the drive!

Packing up for a day of site seeing with kids can be exhausting to think about.  Kids think about food more than adults, so having a Personal Cooler at the ready with plenty of snacks to keep their sugar level from getting to low can really save the day!  And a Snapwear Set means your kids snacks stay in their containers with out getting smashed along the way!

Spring cleaning has never been a favorite activity of ours, but we couldn't love the result anymore if we tried.  The best part of spring cleaning is sitting on the back deck when you're done with a glass of wine.  But your arms ache from the scrubbing, your back hurts from the lifting and you are feeling muscles that you didn't know you had.  The last thing you want to do is get up to refill your glass.  Who says using your Single Bottle Cooler on your own back deck for yourself is bad?  Not us!  Keeping your wine bottle cool, while also keeping it handy by your side, seems like a great way to wrap up a day of cleaning house!
Speaking of wine, play dates at the park anyone?  Ok, we kid, maybe wine at a play date isn't responsible (but sharing is caring, and the other moms would probably not mind if you brought along a Double Bottle Cooler!).  But packing a Mini Cooler for your child may stave off any meltdown that will surely come right when you've gotten into a serious conversation over if Elena should be with Stefan or Damon.Picnics in the backyard may not seem like a getaway lunch date, but with a little creativity this little lunch on the lawn can be a getaway you can't get with a busy schedule.  With just a blanket, a Social Cooler, and a camera to capture the moment, this date for just two or the whole family can be a easy special occasion all around!
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