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Who doesn’t love summer? It’s a chance to get out in the sunshine and feel the warmth after a (super long) winter.  Many of us are looking forward to BBQ with friends, picnics at the park, and trips to the beach.  And while we know you’re already planning on taking PackIt along to help you keep things cool… we figured we would help give you a little guide on some other must have items this summer.


Everyone has those friends who throw the big backyard BBQ that kicks off summer, and if you’re lucky enough to be the guest and not the host you’re probably wondering what you should bring along!

Layered Fruit Salad - who doesn’t love this light, sweet, cool treat? It couldn’t be easier to prep and slice your favorite fruits and layer them between a little cool whip! To keep it the perfect after beer and burgers treat keep it cool in aFREEZABLE GROCERY BAG turned on it’s side - it will keep everything cold, crisp, and fresh.

Wine - If we’re being honest wine goes great with everything, but especially with friends. We’re loving the new line of wine XO, G from Giuliana Rancic. Buy a few sets and bring them along to your next BBQ and watch your friends gush over how fun these single serving wine in glasses are.  The best part is they come stacked and still fit in your FREEZABLE 1X WINE BAG. We might suggest buying more than one set for the X2 bag because it’s a wine everyone will want to try!

Corn Hole - Be the friend that brings along the great yard games. If corn hole isn’t your jam try lawn darts or giant Jenga. Everyone needs something to do when the drinks have started, the foods been eaten, and the fun is just beginning.  When you’re the friend with the wine and the lawn games, you’re the friend that always gets invited.


There’s nothing quite like an afternoon picnic at the park with the kiddos - and if you’re of the kid free variety it’s just as fun with a few friends on a sunny Saturday!  Some of us at PackIt are well versed in park trips and we know the three must have items for a fun (and wildly successful!) picnic!

Sandwiches - This seems like a basic, and to some obvious, picnic must have. But don’t underestimate how much power the choice of sandwich makes.  Is your crew the kind that craves a perfectly chilled egg salad sandwich? Or are they more the posh group that prefers their cucumber sandwiches with a spot of tea? Either way the sandwich is the make or break cornerstone to your picnic - so pick wisely. And once you’ve picked stash them away perfectly in to a FREEZABLE PICNIC BAG.

Blanket - There’s always a strong debate in some homes over the right blanket for an afternoon picnic. The traditional quilt or a nice soft flannel blanket - almost everyone can agree that you need something so which ever you pick works perfect!

Book - You probably expected us to say frisbee, or kite, or something fun to do. But really your kids and their wild imaginations will allow them to run and play freely while you can take a few moments to catch up on your new favorite chick lit novel.

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No summer is complete without a trip to the beach. The sand, the water, the salty air… it’s what summers are made for.  And whether you have to pack for days just to reach the beach or you are lucky enough to have one a short trip from home… we have a few ideas of what you should pack to keep your trip cool.

Towels, Towels, Towels - Take our word for it - a well done beach day will require at least 2 towels for each person.  Think about it, you need one for your laying purposes, and another for drying. And if your kids are anything like our kids you might want to keep two on hand for each person to dry with just to avoid the expected “MY EYES! MY EYES! THERE’S SAND IN MY EYES!” that happens to someone every family beach trip.

Finger Foods – No one wants to bring along plastic wear and plates beachside.  Stick to finger foods, wrapped in small snack packs (again with the sand! No one wants sand on all the baby carrots!). Keep it healthy with apple slices, baby carrots, squeezable yogurt or applesauce packs, oranges, and celery. You can even pack single serving dips for these and keep them all cool separated for everyone in FREEZABLE MINI LUNCH BAGS!

Umbrella or Tent – While we love the sunshine – too much is never good.  Having a little shade to take a break or nap under can be the difference between a great beach vacation and a regrettable burn that keeps you hotel bound for days. If you do find yourself a little redder than you’d like we are big fans of chilled Aloe Vera or Coconut Oil – kept cool in a PackIt of course!

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