Klutz Proof Sandwich

Not everyone can be an expert chef. In fact, some of you might be downright disasters in the kitchen. Luckily, some genius out there created a special holiday just for making fun of you. Even better? This year, that day of humiliation honor falls on Friday the 13th so you’re sure to have even better luck in the kitchen. That’s right, June 13th "Klutzes of America Day”.

Now just because you frequently mix up the sugar and the salt, or you find yourself setting the occasional small fire at the stove, you shouldn’t feel like you can’t fix yourself a hearty, healthy lunch. All you have to do is follow these simple step-by-step instructions for a foolproof (AKA klutz-proof) sandwich.

1. Gather your supplies. Be sure to check expiration dates before you fully commit to the sandwich. We know there are probably a few things in your fridge that are questionable at best.

2. If you like a crunchy sandwich, now would be the time to toast your bread. Try not to burn it. Seriously, pay attention to the toaster oven.

3. Next, slice up your veggies and cheese if necessary. If you just want lettuce, this is a fairly safe step. Just wash it, tear it, and place it on the bread. However, adding bell peppers, onions, or tomatoes may require the use of a knife. We recommend cutting away from your body and keeping all fingers clear of the blade. Also? Pre-sliced cheese can literally save your life here.

4. Meat. This can get tricky. Bacon requires cooking with grease and can be dangerous for anyone, but especially a klutz. Deli meat is easy and doesn’t require tools, but it can be full of preservatives if you’re not careful, so read those labels! We like using leftover chicken or turkey for sandwiches. If it’s tender enough, you can tear it with your fingers and avoid further knife use.

5. Finally, it’s time for the condiments. Hummus is a great healthy alternative for mayo, and can be applied just as easily. You can even use a butter knife for spreading, which is essentially harmless. A dash of salt and pepper can finish off the perfect sandwich, but be careful to make sure that the lids are securely attached to the shakers before you attempt to use them.

Now that you’ve stacked up the perfect klutz-proof sandwich, all you have to do is put it in your PackIt Sandwich Cooler and head out the door! Just be careful out there!

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