Going on a vacation with PackIt

You're heading out on a summer vacation; maybe some place tropical and beach like or maybe just to visit family out of town. PackIt wants to help you make the most of the trip by giving you some helpful ideas to make it all more enjoyable!

Travel CoolerIf you're flying, it's good to know that PackIt is FAA safe. This means you can take your PackIt on the flight. Don't let things get tricky. Just because you can't take food through security, you can buy fruit cups, a sandwich and some drinks before you board the plane and keep them cool for your flight with out worrying of wasting any of it! You and your kids will be able to snack with out needing to hand over ten dollars to your flight attendant for an in flight sandwich.

If you're driving to your destination packing mini PackIt's for each person in the car will allow for easily handing out snacks. And making sure Sally's snacks don't get mixed in with Tommy's. Who wouldn't like to avoid a sibling fight when in a car for hours? Also with a little extra planning you can pack a lunch in the social cooler and stop some place beautiful and stretch your legs and eat together picnic style!

Once you're at your vacation spot, make sure you request a room with a freezer/fridge combo! This makes it easy to freeze the PackIt for the next day! If your hotel can't accommodate, ask if they have a freezer they can put it in (almost all do!). Just make sure you label it as yours, you don't want someone else accidentally making off with your beloved PackIt!

Every day, before you head out exploring, take the PackIt out, unfold it, and pack it up! Snacks, meals, drinks and even medicine! If you are worried you will be gone longer than your PackIt will stay cool, give it a back up by packing your PackIt's inside a larger one! Our PackIt's stay cool for up to 10 hours, but this will give you a little longer to keep things cool!

PackIt can save you money on your vacation, as well as making sure you and your family are eating well even hundreds of miles from home!

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