Five Things to Bring to Thanksgiving Dinner


Congratulations! You don’t have to cook Thanksgiving dinner this year! But, you’re now finding yourself stuck on what to bring over to your friend or family member’s house as a “Thank you!” Here are our top 5 things to bring to Thanksgiving dinner…


  1. The Perfect Playlist: Music is a great way to set the tone for your Thanksgiving dinner. Before you leave your house, download a few playlists that would be appropriate for the different parts of your dinner. This can be a huge help to the host of the party who may not be able to find the perfect station of the television to match the mood of the party.
  2. A Gift for the Hostess/Host: Cooking for Thanksgiving is an all day activity, so why not thank the host/hostess for bringing the meal together with a gift especially for them! Think outside of the box and bring a present that shows your gratitude. A candle, flowers or chocolates can make the host/hostess feel appreciated.
  3. A Football: Why should hungry bellies have to gather in front of the television to watch their favorite sporting game? Bring a football and start your own game in the backyard! This not only creates great memories, but it distracts the grumbling tummies until dinner is ready to be served!
  4. Movies: After a big meal like this one, your family and friends are sure to feel sleepy! How about bringing a couple holiday movies to pop into the DVD player. Gather around the television with a couple blankets and your loved ones. There’s no better way to end the holidays than with family bonding time!
  5. The Packit Double Bottle Wine Cooler: The Double Bottle Wine Cooler fits 2 bottles of your favorite wine and it includes a removable divider. You can easily store the cooler in your freezer before leaving for your Thanksgiving dinner, so your Chardonnay will be just right! If you’re bringing a red wine, leave the Packit Double Bottle Wine Cooler out of the freezer, but utilize it to ensure that the bottles don’t break during the car ride!
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