Don’t Make Your Easter Chocolate Sad

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Happy Easter! As you start to gather all your supplies for your family gatherings, here are 5 reasons to use your PackIt to keep all your food fresh and delicious.

1. Keep you hard-boiled eggs fresh. Whether it’s deviled eggs or your decorated Easter eggs, keeping your hard-boiled eggs cold is essential to keeping them fresh. The Freezable Uptown Lunch Bag has a wide base so you can take larger food containers.

2. Mimosas. Brunch isn’t complete without a refreshing mimosa. Use the Freezable Wine 2x Bag to transport your champagne & orange juice so it stays chilled to the perfect temperature and ready to enjoy !

3. No one likes melted chocolate. Don’t let the chocolate and delicious treats melt before they make it into the Easter basket. The PackIt Freezable Mini Lunch Bag is the perfect compact size to keep all your snacks, chocolates, and candies cool so they don’t melt.

4. Hostess Gift. Bringing a bottle of wine to your hostess? Why not bring it in the fashionable Freezable Wine 1x Bag and give a stylish gift to your hostess that will keep on giving.

5. Keeping food fresh on the way home from the market. From the checkout aisle to your kitchen, the Freezable Grocery Bag will keep your meat, dairy products, fruits and veggies cool so you don’t have to stop home and can run more errands while you are out.

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