Five Reasons to Use a PackIt

Do you already have a PackIt Cooler? If not, what are you waiting for?  We've put together a list of reasons why should be using one of our freezable bags to help motivate you to order one today!


1. It helps you eat healthy on the go.

You lead a busy life and sometimes you may have to eat all of your meals at your desk or in the car. This doesn’t mean you have to get fast food. Put healthy snacks and meals in your PackIt and it can stay cold for up to 10 hours!


2. The kids will love it.

Having a choice of snacks on hand is crucial for keeping the peace at the pool or park or weekly playdate, so fill up the PackIt with fresh fruits, veggies and other healthy snacks. The kids will be happy and you don’t feel guilty for having to rely on a vending machine.


3. Save BIG money.

If you alone take your lunch to work in a PackIt Cooler, you can save as much as $2,500 a year. Now multiply that by every person in your family that eats lunch. That could add up to a serious vacation, and who doesn’t want a vacation? (Bonus: When you go on that vacation, you’ll have your PackIt to help you save even more money on road trip snacks!)


4. You know what your kids are having for lunch.

School lunches aren’t always the healthiest, even when they have healthy options on the menu and packing a healthy lunch can be tricky if your kids don’t have access to a refrigerator. Luckily the PackIt solves both of these problems. It stays cold all through the school day and you can make sure that your kids are getting a healthy, balanced lunch.


5. It’s super stylish.

No really, have you seen our new prints? From the Solar System and Classic Camo to our French Bull prints Ziggy and Bounce, and several new prints in between, we have something for everyone in your family.


Check out all the styles and patterns at

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