A Picnic with PackIt!

As winter gives into Spring, everyone is rushing out of their houses and taking advantage of the sunshine and amazing weather.  And there are few ways as great as a picnic!  It gets everyone out of the house, breathing in the fresh air and soaking up the sun...as well as keeping the kitchen free from the wreckage of lunch!

Getting outside is good for your mind and body!  Seasonal Depression is a real thing that affects many people during the winter months.  The reason is because days are short, the weather is cold, we aren't getting as much Vitamin D from the sun.  And those are the scientific reasons, no doubt the stress of the holidays and being stuck indoors adds to feeling a little blue during the winter.  The best way to shake this off as spring comes?  Get outside!  Getting some good old sunshine on your skin (but don't forget the sunscreen!  We want the good stuff the sun offers, not all the bad stuff!)  can help knock out the blues by increasing serotonin, your natural happy hormone.  Vitamin D can also help bone strength, help high blood pressure, diabetes, and obesity.

Picnics also foster healthier eating and portion control.  When most people think of picnics they think of fruits, cold cuts, raw veggies, and some ice cold lemonade.  We are more tempted to lay on a blanket and pick at a bowl of berries and melon, than greasy chips and dip.  Being outdoors in the fresh air, enjoying the weather with our families means we are putting the act of bonding and quality time ahead of eating whatever processed foods we can find.  We are more likely to jump up for a game of Frisbee than eating everything in the cooler.  Outdoor picnics are also great for keeping a diet under control (no temptation to sneak a spoonful of ice cream out of the freezer when you aren't even home!).  And your picky toddler won't be able to beg you for fruit snacks, when all you have are real fruits and veggies in the cooler!

Picnics are just fun!  We could go on and on about all the reasons we think you should pack up your PackIt and head outside with your family for an afternoon in the sun, but is there anything more fun than spending time with the ones you love?  You can pack up, head to the beach, a campsite, a park, or even your own back yard...just get outside with your family and a Social Cooler and make some amazing spring memories!

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