5 Things That Will Ruin Halloween

At PackIt, we’re BIG fans of top 5 things that will ruin halloweenHalloween. When else is it appropriate for adults and children alike to get dressed up, load up on sugar, and play pranks? Face paint, carved pumpkins, eight months worth of candy, and glow-in-the-dark everything! We cannot wait!

We’ve learned from personal experience, though, that there are things that can ruin our beloved All Hallow’s Eve. Some can be avoided, some are inevitable, but they can all put a hamper on our favorite sugar-rush holiday.

  1. The Flu. Even if it infiltrates just one person in your family, the flu can take the fun out of Halloween for everyone. Just imagine how many germs you could spread around by ringing doorbells, reaching into candy bowls, and bobbing for apples. Be nice to your neighbors! If you’re sick on Halloween, stay home. Hey, at least that stuff coming out of your kid’s nose is glow-in-the-dark, right?
  2. Bad Weather. And by “bad” we don’t necessarily mean cold. What’s worse than a weird heat wave at the end of October? You’ve planned a cute and cuddly Teddy Bear costume for your baby’s first Halloween, and it is 97 degrees outside. That adorable fleece costume you paid way too much money for just became a torture chamber that he will not fit into next year.
  3. Who Wore it Best. Showing up in the same costume as the annoying receptionist to the annual Halloween office party- ugh, the worst. She’s 20 and a part-time yoga instructor. Suddenly you don’t feel so sexy in your Sexy Alice in Wonderland get-up. Could she be any more perky?! We’re not talking about her personality.
  4. Vegan Dentist Neighbor. We all have that neighbor, the one who gives out floss or sugar-free, gluten-free, nut-free, soy-free, organic, vegan “treats”. They trick you into ringing the doorbell by going all out on the decorations and you think, “Hey, these people are into it! Let’s score some awesome candy loot!” Nope. It’s then meanest Halloween prank of all.
  5. Melted Masses of Candy. Be honest, you confiscate 80% of the Halloween candy your kids worked so hard to collect. So it really sucks when, at the end of the night, you discover all of those fun-size candy bars have melted into squishy bags of goo. You worked hard on those costumes, don’t lose your pay-off by letting the candy melt before you get a chance to pilfer it. Bring a cold PackIt along on the Trick-or-Treating excursion. All the chocolate, and anything fun-size, will be kept cool and edible, you know, for the kids. Right. The kids.
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