5 Reasons Moms Love PackIt

Summer is creeping in, slowly in some places, but it's coming. And summer means picnics and summer camps and ice cream!

Which means you need a PackIt! (Or three!)

Moms everywhere love PackIt! Here are just 5 reasons why!

1. PackIt coolers make packing summer camp lunches easy! We want our children to experience the best of summer, which for many of them means spending the day at camp having fun. And we want them to have healthy lunches while they do it! That's where the PackIt Freezable Lunch Bag comes in. Pack a lunch in the morning, drop your son or daughter at day camp, and when they finish the morning ropes course or swimming excursion, their healthy lunch will still be the perfect temperature!

2. Picnics with your family are made better with PackIt! No more soggy potato salad! No more lukewarm fruit! Finally, there's a cooler that keeps your picnic spread fresh while you play in the park and enjoy the sunshine. Using the PackIt Freezable Picnic Bag means that when you're ready for lunch, your food is ready for you!

3. PackIt coolers are problem solvers! Foods that are supposed to be cold are gross when served warm. With PackIt, you can say bye-bye to barely chilled snacks and drinks. Warm string cheese? Yuck. Room temperature water when it's hot and you're looking for something cold? Disappointment. PackIt keeps your string cheese stringy and your water well-chilled.

4. ICPF: Ice Cream Protection Factor. You make a mad dash through the grocery store while your children melt down in the shopping cart. Hastily, you grab a carton of ice cream to enjoy after they go to bed as a treat for making it through a crazy day. But then the meltdown continues in the parking lot. Never fear! With the PackIt Freezable Grocery Bag, your ice cream is safe! Tuck those kids to bed and scoop up a bowl of Turtle Tracks!

Finally, the biggest reason moms love PackIt...

5. They keep the WINE cold. It's Bunco night and your turn to bring the bottle of Pinot Grigio. Or maybe you're heading to a book club meeting with friends and you want to bring a bottle of Moscato to share while you talk themes and symbols. Whatever the wine need, PackIt has you covered! Slip your bottle of wine into the Single Wine Cooler (or two bottles into the Double Wine Cooler!) and go enjoy your night off. You've earned it, Mom!

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