5 Healthy Lunch Ideas and How To Get Your Kids To Eat Them

Parents are always looking for healthy lunch ideas. But getting our kids to eat the healthy foods we pack can be tricky. So here at PackIt, we thought we’d share some ways our employees get their kids to eat the healthy lunches packed for them! 

  1. Involve the Kids - Pack Together  Whether it’s spreading on condiments, rolling up tortillas, or filling baggies with carrots, pretzels or grapes, the joint effort can be fun and will give kids a sense of pride when they open their PackIt.
  2. Shift to Healthy Versions of Favorites Almost every food can be found in a healthier version today. Low fat or nonfat yogurts instead of yogurts packed with sugar. Low fat cheeses and dips. Baked snacks instead of fried. Use the snack size baggies for portion control. Keeping dairy products cold makes the food taste better and is safer for them too!
  3. Combine New Foods With Favorites  The first one that comes to mind is celery with peanut butter or cream cheese. Try a new fruit or veggie with hummus instead of ranch. Use cream cheese as a spread with jelly instead of peanut butter. Bitesized, dippable and varied foods are the key to success when trying new foods! 
  4. Option A or Option B Trick   Instead of asking what they want...try giving 2 choices: Would you like peanut butter and jelly on whole wheat bread or a tortilla? Do you want an apple or an orange sliced up in your lunch? Do you want to use your red PackIt or the blue PackIt?
  5. Sneak in Fruits & Veggies  It’s a good try to put the banana, apple or orange in their lunch bag, but more than likely, it’s getting tossed in the trash at the end of lunch. We recommend peeling, segmenting and sealing in a zip-top bag. Throw in a small cup of flavored nonfat yogurt. They’ll have fun dipping the orange slices in the yogurt! Same goes with carrots, apples, and cucumbers! 

PackIt allows you to pack nutritious healthy foods for school, work, camping or sporting events. It cuts waste because you can bring home any uneaten food, because PackIt will keep it cold all day long. You can get a PackIt online - www.packitcool.com or at a store near you. 

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