• Meal Prep: Ground Turkey 3 Different Ways

    Meal Prep: Ground Turkey 3 Different Ways
    Ground turkey is a great way to get lean protein that will keep you energized throughout the day! We know time is tight for most people, so we came up with a meal prep that is quick and still allows for variety throughout the week! Start with a big batch of season ground turkey, and mix and match these toppings to make nutritious and easy meals! ... Read More
  • Blueberry Coconut Bowl

    Blueberry Coconut Bowl
    Sometimes you just need a little taste of summer during the winter season! Today we bring you this healthy, nutrient loaded Blueberry Coconut Bowl that you can take on the go! ... Read More
  • Strawberry Basil Margarita

    Strawberry Basil Margarita
    What's better then perfecting a delicious drink recipe?... Well enjoying it! That's why we want to share this refreshing and homemade margarita recipe that will have you feeling like a true mixologist! ... Read More
  • 3 Different Ways to Use Brown Rice Pasta

    3 Different Ways to Use Brown Rice Pasta
    Who says you can't enjoy a little pasta and still be healthy? We believe that all things should be enjoyed in moderation, and this brown rice pasta allows us to to make delicious pasta lunches that don't bring all the guilt! Make a big batch of brown rice pasta and mix it up with these different sauces/toppings so that your lunches don't get boring! ... Read More
  • Using Leftover Valentine's Day Chocolate

    Using Leftover Valentine's Day Chocolate
    Valentine's is the day where you receive more chocolate than you might ever need! Today we are showing you a way to reuse and remake your leftover chocolate into a healthy quick snack! The process is simple and quick and makes for the perfect snack when you need to satisfy your sweet tooth without feeling guilty! ... Read More
  • Allergy Friendly Chicken Vegetable Soup

    Allergy Friendly Chicken Vegetable Soup
    Making meals for the week can be time consuming and difficult, especially when life gets busy! That's when the crockpot should become your best friend! We have come up with a recipe that is Paleo and gluten-free friendly, and all you have to do is throw it in the crockpot at the beginning of the week, and enjoy warm soup on these cold days! ... Read More
  • Be My Galentine?!

    Be My Galentine?!
    Rosé, yummy treats, and fresh flowers, what else do you need? Your best gal of course!!! Make this Galentine's Day memorable with just a few extra inexpensive and decorative items! ... Read More
  • SuperBowl Superfood Appetizer

    SuperBowl Superfood Appetizer
    Often times when preparing appetizers for large gatherings its difficult to deliver delicious and healthy meals! However appetizers don't always have to be fried or smothered in cheese to taste good. That's why we are sharing this refreshing and tasty dip that includes 3 different superfoods: lemon, kale, and beans! ... Read More
  • Buffalo Cauliflower 'Wings': Perfect Superbowl ...

    Buffalo Cauliflower 'Wings': Perfect Superbowl Appetizer
    If you're looking for a lighter appetizer to snack on during this year's Superbowl game, try making these Buffalo Cauliflower Wings! Substituting cauliflower instead of chicken will still give you a great serving of protein, plus a lot of Vitamin C! Once you try these you'll realize they're just as delicious as they are nutritious. ... Read More
  • Chicken Salad 3 Different Ways

    Chicken Salad 3 Different Ways
    We know chicken salad can have a reputation for being unhealthy, but add the right ingredients and you have a healthy dish filled with protein, fruit, and veggies! ... Read More