The Top Five Reasons To Give Wine As A Gift

Here are the Top 5 Reasons to Give Wine as a Gift:

1. You'll be saying "thank you" to your hostess, but she'll really be thanking you. If you attend annual parties given by the same people, chances are good that your hostess has tried to outdo herself. Again. And in doing so, she's probably so stressed she can't even enjoy her own party. That is, until you show up with a bottle of her favorite wine, perfectly chilled and ready to pour, thanks to your PackIt Bottle Cooler She's gone from frazzled to friendly in one glass of White Zinfandel.

2. Wine won't be regifted. When you have to buy a gift for a person you may not know very well, consumables are the way to go. What if she hates tchotchkes? Or loathes scented lotions? Or can't stand cookies? (Blasphemy!) Chances are good she probably won't pass that bottle of Merlot on to her mother in law. Score 1 for you!

3. Wine is budget-friendly. If you have an extensive shopping list, gift-giving can get pricey. Luckily, there are dozens of wines on the market in your price range that those on your list will love. Besides, who needs more high-tech gadgets when there's a bottle of Gewurztraminer to be had?

4. Conversation Starter. There is always that one person there who just got back from Napa Valley and wants to see what kind of Wine you brought as a gift and tell you all about their wine tasting trip, however, they will also be noticing the PackIt Wine Cooler as well. Winning.

And the number #5 reason to give wine as a gift? One hyphenated word:

5. In-laws.. Nothing says "I'm so happy to see you" quite like sitting between your husband's Great Aunt Erma, forgot to put in her teeth, and his Great Uncle Ed, who forgot his hearing aids, for three courses. Show up to a family dinner prepared with a few cold bottles of Sauvignon Blanc for your mother-in-law to serve with appetizers. Or better yet, use the PackIt Double Bottle Cooler and make it two!

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