Taking Your PackIt To The Zoo

Ahh, summer. That time of year where you try to squeeze every fun and kid- friendly activity into about 2 months. Since June is National Zoo and Aquarium Month, we’re thinking that you’ll probably make at least one stop there in the not so distant future. The problem is that once you’re there, your lunch and snacks are often expensive and unhealthy. Luckily, we have the perfect solution for over- priced and over-processed food: the PackIt Social Cooler.

• First and foremost, we recommend checking your local zoo or aquarium’s website for their policies on outside food and drinks. Most places will allow it, but it’s always good to double check. Once you’ve got the green light, it’s time to fill up your PackIt with healthy and easy snacks for you and the kids!

• You’ll definitely want to throw in a reusable water bottle for everyone. It’s important that the kids stay hydrated, especially in the hot summer sun. There should be water fountains or dispensers for refilling them throughout the day.

• Since your PackIt will stay cold for the whole trip, you won’t be limited to pre-packaged and sugary snacks. Healthy snacks like grapes and apple slices and even those fun little bite-sized cheese cubes that kids love will stay fresh all day. You could even include strips of last night’s leftover chicken to make sure that everyone is getting enough protein to keep them awake and not “hangry” during the outing. We recommend finger foods for this type of day trip because they are likely the easiest for little fingers and easy for you to clean up too!

Whatever you put in your PackIt, you can be sure that you’ll spend less money on a healthier lunch for you and your family. Enjoy your day at the zoo!

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