Products to Guarantee a COOL Spring Break

It’s about that time again - SPRING BREAK! Whether you’re taking a vacation to the beach or you’ll be lounging by the pool all day, PackIt is here to make sure you are prepared for anything. Below are a few tips to insure a COOL spring break!

We understand that you want to look good in that new bikini before you hit the beach. Eating healthy before (and during!) your trip and packing your lunch in our NEW Salad Cooler will help you do just that. It is specifically designed for holding those horizontal salad containers and the new zipper closure will your greens crisp and fresh!

Will you be taking a road trip to visit family or escaping to a remote tropical island? Skip the expensive airport food and fattening fast food by filling up your Personal Cooler with healthy snacks. Its also great for your storing your makeup, souvenirs, and activities for the kids!

Dragging a heavy plastic cooler full of ice to the beach is such a pain, so use our Social Cooler instead! It will keep your food and drink cool all day long and it comes in several new trendy patterns! At the end of the day, just swap the juice boxes for a six pack and take the Social Cooler to your party for the night!

The bottom line is that PackIt wants your Spring Break to be healthy, convenient, and above all - COOL!

Spring Break Cooler

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