National Childhood Obesity Month: Preparing our kids for a healthy future

Did you know that 1 in 3 children in the United States is overweight or obese? Being overweight or obese in your childhood can create health problems in the future like, Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, and even stroke.  September is National Childhood Obesity Month and as concerned parents ourselves, we want to fight back against childhood obesity and prepare our kids for a healthier future.

Here are some tips on preparing a healthier lifestyle for you and your children:

Pack a Lunch: Preparing a lunch for your child every day is an easy way to help control what they are eating while at school. There may be nutritious options in the cafeteria but children are rarely choosing their veggies over the pizza that is being served. And when you pack your lunch with a PackIt Freezable your lunch will stay chilled and fresh all day long.

Be More Active: Teaching our kids to be more active during their childhood helps to set healthy lifestyle choices to keep them active in their future. With cell phones, video games, and other technologies we are all becoming more inactive when we look at the screens in our daily lives. Its time to turn off the T.V. and get the whole family outside for a walk before or after dinner.

• Read the Labels: Do you really understand food labels and the Nutrition Facts to make better choices for you and your family? The truth is, we all get confused sometimes when reading the labels. The reality is, it’s very important to know what is inside the food you are eating. Most package or pre-made foods aren’t as healthy as you think and contain way too much sugar, salts, etc that we shouldn’t be eating.

With childhood obesity on the rise, we all need to join forces to get our families eating healthier, moving more, and being knowledgeable about what we are putting into our bodies. Getting into the routine of preparing lunch at night before school will help your kids learn this healthy lifestyle habit. You can even make it a fun experience and get the kids involved so they learn the habit themselves.

It make take an extra 5-10 minutes out of your time, but with a PackIt Freezable Cooler we make it easy, convenient and fun for every member of your family to have a healthy and nutritious lunch every day.

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