It's Not Just What You Pack, It's What You PackIt In...

This is our first official blog post so bear with us as we learn from all of you bloggy experts! It occured to me this week as we were carving pumpkins, ordering Halloween costumes, ordering the accessories for the Halloween costumes (since we forgot the first time), and buying that halloween candy (for the third time since it magically disappeared the first two times) know,THAT CANDY...the candy that kids everywhere look forward to all year long that so much of our lives and lifestyles are surrounded by food. Halloween = Candy. Thanksgiving = Turkey. Christmas = Cookies. Easter = Eggs AND Candy. You get the idea...Which brings us to...leftovers. Everyone knows that as you clean up from dinner or any meal and you store your contain and most likely refrigerate, right? So how important is it to make sure that if you take any leftovers, candy, eggs, etc. in your lunch the next day to keep it cold until you eat it? VERY IMPORTANT! As important as when you put it in the frig the first time! And here is the closer...This is where we can help :) PackIt. Keeps food cold. Keeps food cold longer. It's just that simple. So when you are packing up that Halloween candy (chocolate) or left overs...remember...It's not just what you pack; It's what you PackIt in. Happy Halloween :)

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