Five (real life) tips for Juicing!

A few weeks ago we wrote all about JUICING! We gave you our tips for how to get the most out of your juicing experience.

Well now we want to give you a real deal idea of some more tips, based on our own experience, we think you should read before embarking on your own juice cleanse:

    1. Timing is everything. Choose your cleanse day wisely, it can make or break your success. Take into account your environment and exactly who you will come into contact with that day and ask yourself, “Is this a day I want to not eat food?” You should really have something to keep you busy, like work or a weekend project. The most important question you should ask yourself, though, is “Who do I want to subject to the person I will become when I am only consuming liquids? Family or coworkers?”
    2. Take care of your goods. Because it’s imperative that you keep any freshly pressed or unpasteurized juices really cold to ward off bacteria, you should be storing your juice cleanse in your PackIt, at your desk, and preferably in an opaque, airtight container.  Not only does it keep your juice cold and tasty until your 3pm ration, nosy coworkers will be much less likely to snoop if they see you pull your PackIt out and assume you’re just eating lunch. Never get into the “Why I’m juice-cleansing” conversation with a coworker. It’s never a good idea.
    3. Accept the cravings. Just embrace it. You will crave a lot of things that are not juice, no matter how yummy your juice may be. Cravings are the enemy. You’ll be highly susceptible to advertising while cleansing. Suddenly you can smell an Arby’s ad through your TV. Avoid Pinterest and Instagram like the plague! Your feed the day of your cleanse will inevitably be nothing but delicious food that is not juice.
    4. It’s not a tequila shot. You don’t have to chug your vegetables, no need throw it back with a lime chaser. Enjoy it! Savor it! It’s the only thing going in your stomach until tomorrow. Take your time!
    5. Go to bed early. This might sound like a no-brainer, but when your juice ration runs out at 8pm and you’re still up at 12am, you’re going to want to eat things that aren’t juice. Plus, it’s not like at midnight you get to delve into the back of the fridge for a reward. This is a 24 hour cleanse, that six month old Greek yogurt cup that you suddenly covet will be there in the morning.


Image Credit: @skellyandsome on IG

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