A Little Bitty About The Candy Cane

Did anyone get that email about how candy canes have titanium dioxide in them, which is a cancer-causing chemical? Everyday we hear about how some food, household item or chemical is dangerous to our bodies. Trying to exercise, use sunscreen, use the right suncreen, wear seatbelts, use hand sanitizer, get flu shots and eating healthy...hearing about the beautiful holiday candy cane being a possible carcinogenic...It cannot be true!! We checked it out on snopes.com...and found out...there is truth to the fact that titanium dioxide is a cancer-causing chemical. It is used in sunscreen and many other products. It is used because it is white in nature and does not allow for light to penetrate it. Which brings in the candy cane. Just how do they put those brillant red stripes against the white and as you lick them...the red does not seep into the white? Hmmm... Luckily, ingredients to have to be posted on packages, so it's always best to know exactly what you are putting into your body. And how about the saying "everything in moderation"? Eating healthy is key. Fresh foods, organic foods and storing them at safe temperatures. We think it's probobly okay to have a candy cane or two around the holidays...maybe you can even put it in with your PackIt Personal Cooler or Wine Bag Gift? Just a thought...

You can check out the snopes.com article here: Do Candy Canes Cause Cancer?


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