8 Things You Don't Want To Find In Your Picnic Basket

We've all been there.  You pull out the picnic basket that's been stashed away since last summer...open it up...and find something you'd rather not find.

packit coolers

Some things you'd probably not like to find in a picnic basket that's been sitting unused for 8 months:

Dirty Dishes

Colony of ants

Old tuna fish sandwich

Expired check for ten thousand dollars

Love letter from your boyfriend...to someone else.

Keys you blamed your kid for losing.

Half empty bottle of wine.

Your sons snake that went missing in December.


We are sure you've found something you'd rather not find.  But with PackIt that's never an issue. Because you can use your PackIt all year!  And when you aren't using it you just fold it up and stick it in the freezer.  Leaving no chance for your sons snake, Fluffy, to slither his way in.

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